Antwerp: A Cozy Town In Belgium

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Antwerp may not ring a bell instantly but this quaint historic town of Belgium in Europe is a heady mixture of art and architecture, fashion and shopping, chocolates and diamond dealers and a perfect destination for a leisurely holiday.

You may start your fun filled tour of Antwerp from the central train station with diamond trading quarter-one square km neighbourhood, which to this day controls the majority of the world diamond trade. There is constant hustle and bustle cloaked men rushing in and out buildings and shop windows presenting rows upon rows of sparking diamonds. You may also take a guided tour of Diamondland, and watch the diamond cutters and setters creating exotic master piece diamond jewellery, and the best part is Indian Jains dominate the city’s diamond trade.

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If you have a sweet tooth, each of Belgians most respected chocolates has a presence in Antwerp and you may gorge on the most delicious chocolates, pralines, cakes, cookies, truffles and the rich aroma of the chocolatiers in the streets of Antwerp will delight you.

Antwerp’s compact size makes it an ideal city to be explored on foot and a must walk in is down the Meir, a trendy street where you will find Stadsfeestzaal, a former city hall renovated now with elegant shopping centres with the all the latest branded products, complete with mosaic floors, gilded facade, and a glass doomed vault.

Antwerp has been admired globally for its fashion designers and their creations and is known as the fashion capital of Europe. National Street and its side streets are the hubs of Antwerp’s fashion district, where global designers have elegant boutiques.

Antwerp has an exotic mix of architecture from across the centuries from traditional Flemish to and renaissance buildings in the historic centre of the Grote market to contemporary buildings by international architects in the dock yard areas, and Antwerp is crammed with architecture styles.

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