Beautiful Barcelona: A Marvellous Destination in Spain

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Barcelona one of the most attractive, sophisticated, elegant, efficient, spectacular cities of Western Europe is a traveller’s delight, and is the second largest city of Spain.

The city of Barcelona has every ingredient of a spicy holiday and is a city that never sleeps, and motivates a traveller to celebrate life, and live life king size.


The night life of Barcelona is vibrant lively and spicy, with hot senoritas dancing in the pubs, resto bars, lounge bars, and you must take a trip to the Carpe Deim Loung Club which is bang in the beach and the ultra cool environment will stun you and dance your blues away sipping exotic Shangri-La, if you are looking to mingle with celebrities and big shots Lurde Gas, is the right place, or if you want to witness the old world charm of drinking take a look at Pipa Club.

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For sports enthusiasts, if the football season is on, a visit to the Mecca of soccer is a must Camp Nou Staduim and witnesses the enthralling over the edge league soccer matches.

The numerous eating houses here entice you with their delicious variety of cuisines and you can truly enjoy the delicious local cuisine of Torilla, Poyo Arooz, Gamba, and Pescado while sipping the pink wine produced in the adjoining Cava Country.


You may shop your heart out for all the major brands Vincon, or if you love to bargain and want a cheap good stuff take a trip to Mercado Santa Catalina and have a great time.

A visit to the stunning ancient monuments may at times mesmerize you or even bore you to death. You could also take a trip to the Park Guell, the weird glass world with spooky tunnels and have a picnic at this delightful destination.


Holidays in Barcelona are full of action, adventure and enchanted delights and hence travellers truly love to visit this beautiful land full of marvels and pleasure.

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