Blue diamond riviera maya as the ultimate choice to stay

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Actually there are many choices of places to stay around from Playa del Carmen. However, only a few hotels or resorts offer many impressive facilities with better building designs. In addition, the food offered from this place should also be a major consideration. The better the service and facilities provided of course will provide comfort to stay in a longer time. One place that could be a recommendation to stay may be by choosing Blue diamond riviera maya. The service and all the facilities provided from this hotel are very interesting.

Best service

Blue diamond riviera maya offers the best service with a very different concept compared to other luxury resorts. This place is only reserved for adults with the best 128 rooms. Each of the rooms provided has many excellent facilities. Moreover, the quality of the room design is also very maximum. This resort includes a small part of the small hotel business that has a very high standard for the visitors. The location is very strategic of the hotel is of course very easy to reach. In addition, the distance needed to get to this place is only 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

Maximum comfort

One option of Blue diamond riviera maya that can be used is Patio Suite. This room has a larger size than a regular apartment. In addition, the facilities and design provided for this room are also excellent. Visitors will get more luxurious facilities with a private pool. Some of the other services provided for the visitors include dinner reservations, bicycle rental, spa treatments and more. All parts of the service are of course an important choice to use for the visitors.

The ideal design on offer from all over the room layout involves the size of the living room and the excellent bathroom. Moreover, the size of the main room for this suite is also ideal. This facilitates the necessary conditions and comfort for a longer time. The provided bed size consists of king size and linens. The quality of the material on the bed is of course a very good consideration when used in time on vacation. There are several additional facilities that can be used like a TV with a very large size to espresso coffee machine. All the other extra amenities such as sofas, chairs, cabinets and some parts of the bathroom also look very good.

The design and property are impressive

The architecture that is integrated on Blue diamond riviera maya is very ergonomic. Moreover, this resort has an area of ​​about 36 hectares of tropical forest with a very natural atmosphere. Part of the resort is built on the waterway part of the cenote. The area of ​​the building is very good as it also provides comfort for all visitors to enjoy the location around. Other facilities offered at this resort also consist of a spa with a very large size. In fact, visitors can also enjoy the gym and yoga that is in the room with the ideal size. A very strategic check-in location is a major consideration for adjusting conditions and enjoying a very long holiday.

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