Iceland itinerary 7 days with the best chance

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Iceland can be one place that offers a different impression compared to other places. Moreover, there are many tourist destinations with the location and conditions are very good. You need plenty of time to visit all the sights. However, there are other calculations that make it easy for you to visit the best place in a shorter time. Recommendations like this involve about 7 days getting the best experience to visit some of the best locations. Here is the best chance you can get by applying Iceland itinerary 7 days.

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Day 1-2: visiting Reykjavik

This location is one of the beginnings for Iceland itinerary 7 days. Moreover, there are many impressive places that can be visited with excellent conditions. The excellent location was also supported with fairly convenient transportation. Some impressive places with charming architectural design provide a very different atmosphere compared to other locations. In addition, the city also offers a variety of excellent culinary. You have to spend about 2 days to enjoy an impressive city corner.

Day 3: enjoy the golden circle

Another visit can be done by enjoying the golden circle. Moreover, some of these impressive places will make the experience on Iceland itinerary 7 days more impressive. Some locations that offer different impression consist of Almannagja Gorge, Law Rock and the Thingvellir Church, Silfra Fissure, Geysir, and Gullfoss. All the choices from this place offer a very different impression. In addition, the location is not far between one places with other places will facilitate your journey. We encourage you to consider additional equipment to get a better trip.

Day 4: Visit the location around Laugarvatn

This location is of course also a detail of Iceland itinerary 7 days. Some of the recommendations that look very impressive can be enjoyed with the maximum. An impressive waterfall with excellent environmental conditions will be a major consideration. In addition, the distance between other places is also not too far away and can be reached on foot. The choices of places that can be visited fairly easily usually consist of Laugarvatn Fontana, Seljalandsfoss and Seljavellir. Recommendations of this place can offer very different comforts.

Day 5: enjoy the beauty around the VIK

Natural beauty that is around VIK does provide a very different atmosphere. In addition, this location can also be reached with several transportation options. You will not need a very expensive cost to enjoy the entire location of tourist destinations around VIK. There are several choices of places that are an important part of this journey such as Skogafoss, Abandoned DC plane on Sólheimasandur, Folk Museum, Dyrholaey and VIK.

Day 6: Jokulsarlon as an important choice

This place is very different and offers a very impressive natural beauty. In fact, the conditions around the Jokursarlon will provide quite different peace. This place can be visited by car because of its affordable location. In addition, other details that can be considered should be considered with natural conditions.

Day 7: Reykjanes Peninsula

You should know that Reykjanes Peninsula can be an important choice of trips made to Iceland itinerary 7 days. Moreover, you can also enjoy a longer time by staying at some of the best places. Natural conditions are quite different will offer the convenience of a very different tourist attractions.

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