Marvels at The Wonder Country Monaco

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Monaco, a small country, ruled by the royal family, well known by its rocking city- Monte Carlo, is located between the scenic Alps and the Mediterranean Sea and locked between the French Riviera and Italian Riviera.

Monaco is a city of sheer entertainment and offers a traveller an exciting, thrilling, dramatic package of arts, museum, formula one track, casinos, day tours to Cannes, and gives you the ultimate thrill like a Bond film, which many have been shot here.

Monaco is a millionaire’s playground package, and you are on the edge trip starts from the cote-D Arur international airport, and if you are a guest at the Metropole hotel, the finest in Monaco, a helicopter ride takes you to the hotel roof top.

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You may travel by train or bus to Monte Carlo, and enjoy the drive through coastal terrain and the beautiful beaches of Monte Carlo.

You may enjoy an evening at a casino run on the American gambling system and get acquainted with the rich and powerful and enjoy your cocktails. During your stay you may visit the famous museums of Matisse and French Riviera famous museum, and the Villa Ephrussideroths museum.

You may visit the cathedrals in Monte Carlo or if you are a racing enthusiast, Western Europe Monte Carlo is famous for its formula one race which has 78 laps and the thrill and excitement of winning is all around.


A day trip to Cannes, will take you in the world of cinema and you can watch the cult iconic films and attend a film festival  and walk on Crisette  walk way and enjoy the festive atmosphere, and at night you will be back in Monte Carlo for a lovely meal at the St. Benbit restaurant.

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