Paris off the beaten path with the best recommendations

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Actually Paris has many interesting places that can be visited. In addition, some parts of the location also offer an impressive and different view than anywhere else. However, the concept of tourism offered is also different and supported by the architect of the vintage building. Impressive street art and architecture building is considered an important part of the tour you want to enjoy. The concept of travel like this can be adjusted with the time of visit and the cost is quite affordable. Some recommendations from this place can also provide a better tourist experience.

There are several recommendations and interesting options from Paris off the beaten path. Ideas like this will involve a lot of different details about the entire time spent. The recommendations consist of:

La Promenade Plantée

This is one of Paris off the beaten path. This place offers green space with a very high size. Some people say that this place is almost similar to High Line Park in New York. In addition, around this location there is a railway that has a very interesting design and architecture. The Park also offers an impressive view with a variety of very beautiful plants. To enjoy all parts of the park visitors usually will not incur additional costs are very expensive. This place can be reached by train on lines 1, 5 and 8.


This place offers a very impressive artistic environment. One part of Paris off the beaten path like this is usually visited by many tourists who want to enjoy the street art. Various cultures that are integrated with different architecture in some buildings make the atmosphere offered are also very interesting. In addition, this collaboration of many cultures also provides social life for local communities differently. The choice of street offered from this place usually involves Rue Denoyez. There are many works of art that provide an excellent tourist experience compared to other places.

Les Puces

Other recommendations from Paris off the beaten path are also usually supported with very different environmental conditions. Les Puces offers a fascinating flea market concept. Moreover, this market has a very large size with more number of outlets.

This place can accommodate up to 2500 stores that offer many interesting items. In fact, the calculations of tourists who visit this place up to 180 thousand. This number continues to increase when some outlets organize events and have very different concepts. The goods at this flea market usually have a cheaper price with a function that is still very good. Travelers who want to get antiques should give more time to visit this place.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Paris also has several parks that can be visited for a longer time. Maybe Parc des Buttes could be one part of the recommendation that offers an impressive view.

The design and view of the park is very different, of course, supported by the size of the vast place. In addition, this park also has a suspension bridge designed from Gustave Eiffel. Around the location of this place there are several bars and restaurants that offer many interesting food. Local people often use this park as a place to spend time with family.

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