Wonders And Adventure At the Ibiza Island

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Ibiza, a Spanish island near Barcelona Spain in Western Europe, is the island created by god to laugh, dance, party, and tap your feet on the music, and get mesmerized by the sheer beauty, fauna and flora of nature, the Blue Ocean, beaches, churches and tranquil villages.

Ibiza, is the capital of partying ,clubbing and have a great time, but on the other hand it is a land where you may get entwined with nature and enjoy the scenic beauty of the pine- covered hills , the deep valleys, and meditate to re connect with your inner self. It is an ideal tourist destination to rejuvenate, heal your soul, indulge in holistic treatments like yoga, detox your body in complete harmony with the nature.

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The churches here are warm meeting points for simple people and form holy alliances and cozy interactions and at times the porticos are platforms to witness the traditional folk dances, explore the culture and traditions of the locals and enjoy a sojourn of spirituality.


Sant Miquel has lovely sand filed beaches to swim, relax, stroll , or indulge in water sports  and you may also shop around here for  ceramics , handicrafts  , pottery items , garments  or enjoy a romantic evening on the beach with a glass of Vino or Shangrilla.


Ibiza is an island where you just need to find a corner and get isolated from the materialistic world, and enjoy the solitude and de- clutter your mind.

There are accommodations all over the island to suit your budget from fancy villas to modest hotel rooms, and if you have plenty of time , you may take a ship from any Spanish fort and you will love the journey and reach the abode of God- Ibiza.

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