5 Things To Do In London Ranging From Palace To Museum

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Are you wondering what things to do in London? No worry about it. All the things about the great world’s best museums, attractions, music venues, shopping and restaurants are all possible in London. There are a lot to see and do in this big city no matter you have just arrived there or lived there all your life.

Now let’s find out what things you can do in London in the following sections:

Visit Buckingham Palace

Don’t tell me that you never heard about Buckingham Palace, the world’s great palace that all the tourists in the world are amazed at. Visiting this great place, you can find out how many bathrooms there are as well as where the Queen usually exercise her corgis.

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben Sightseeing Tour

Joining Big ben Sightseeing Tour is one of the things to do in London. This way, you can learn that Big Ben is the short name for the bell inside, not the tower which is known as the Elizabeth Tower. You have more to discover on your way of visiting Big Ben. Now make your day great to spend by joining this tour.

Visit London Zoo

Wherever it is, zoo is always being an interesting place to visit as well as the London zoo. In this case, you can just escape from the crowded city and head to London Zoo which offers a natural view along with the beautiful Regents Park. As one of the things to do in London, visiting London Zoo is great for your family day out. There are over 700 species you can see and witness.

Wax Museum

Don’t miss the wax museum if you come to London someday. In this museum, you will probably see the Queen. You can spend the day in this museum in London along with the guarantee to bump into celebs. Isn’t this great?

Experience London Eye

Being in London would never be complete without experiencing the London eye. London eye is also called as Millenium Wheel which is built with 135 meters tall and overlooking the whole city of London. It is the tallest wheel you can try to visit in order to view London entirely.


In short, there are a lot of options about things to do in London either for your first visit or just for a day out. Consider the five recommended things you can do in London we have shared in this article.

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