Cultural Ecstasy at Bosnia

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Travel Plans in Europe are taking a different trend as more and more travellers are heading towards Bosnia the land of age old traditions, cultures and the loveliest of landscapes. With a great ambience for adventure loves, there is a certain link of an existent empire in the easternmost and the westernmost points.

The Turks have dominated this land for more than five hundred years. Then the Austra Hungarians took over this place and till today their influence on the architecture and culture is visible.

While here be sure to visit the minarets in Sarajevo which look spectacular with their onion shaped domes. It is said that the Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, Christians and Catholics live happily together here. Sarajevo is a place that is filled with laneways that have been witness to lot of activity centuries back.

There are ancient craft shops here which are intermingled with a lot of bars, shops for souvenir, and cafes. Today the Mostar’s Old Bridge has been reconstructed and most of the youth who come here seeking adventure love to take a high plunge from its great height. This is a major tourist attraction here. Then there is a medieval citadel here which is also a tourist delight. The Virgin Mary apparition site is another great place of attraction for all those who wish to see something different.

River Rafting Experience is also greatly adventurous in Bosnia as most of its rivers are best spots for kayaking and rafting. The mountains around provide the ideal ski experience and people love to hike here and get the best adventure experience. Gradually Bosnia is thus becoming a perennial adventure spot for those who come to Eastern Europe.

Banja Luka

This is another tourist centre which has gradually developed of late. After the 1969 earthquake most of the town got destroyed and sometime in the year 1933 the Serbs also destroyed a lot of mosques the Ferhadija being the most famous of them. Today tourists come here to see the beauty of the past history that existed here.


This is another lovely towns of Bosnia and the beautiful sight of the River Una here glows with its sapphire colour. This is a great kayaking and rafting ground.  In fact the Una Regatta is a great occasion in the first week of July and encourages the love and experience of boating in this world.

Central & Northern Bosnia & Hercegovina

This is a greatly fascinating locale and has many towns which have a quaint kind of beauty here. There are beautiful hillsides and lovely valleys with dense vegetation. Then there are the most amazing sights of medieval castles and also waterfalls which never cease to surprise the tourist. Bihac is very popular for the outdoor experience and it is interesting to see how the River Una makes the travels here extremely memorable.


This is another lovely town in Bosnia and is a site of catacombs, a hilltop citadel and defensive towers. There is a prehistoric temple here and also a citadel situated on top of a hill. The Statue of Tito here made of polystryerne is a great attraction for tourists here. There are good hotels here which provide comfortable accommodation for the travellers.


This is another attraction here in Bosnia. This is a religious destination and has been attracting Catholics across the world. There is a lot of commercialism coupled with belief. There are many tour buses which take you to this lovely town and the simple shops for souvenir along with the tour buses make travels here greatly interesting. Tourists come here during Easter for the Walk of Peace which is held to celebrate the anniversary of the first sight since the year 1981. Normally people come here on a day trip from Mostar.

With many more places to see, Bosnia is a land of culture, grace and élan.

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