Impressive recommendation of what to do in Greenwich Village

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Greenwich Village became one of the locations that gave a different atmosphere. Moreover, the culture of the local community also offers comfort for the visitors. There are many buildings with interesting architecture and quite different designs. This can be a choice of locations visited at the same time. This place has a different culture compared to other places. Local people are beginning to improve intellectual defense by maintaining the old culture. In addition, the facilities enjoyed by local people can also be used by visitors with provisions that are not too difficult.

Of course there are several recommendation options from what to do in Greenwich Village. In fact, each of these recommendations will usually make the time spent on vacation to be very good. Some recommended recommendations that can be considered usually consist of:

Drinking coffee at the café is interesting

This is one of what to do in Greenwich Village is an important part to spend time not too long. There are many café options that can be used as a place to hang out with friends. Serving from a very delicious coffee will be the main choice. Café Reggio becomes one part of the place that gives different dish. You can spend time talking about democracy in this place. In fact, there are several choices of food that can be enjoyed simultaneously.

Get together and hang out in Washington Square Park

Another recommendation from what to do in Greenwich Village can also be applied through a very convenient place. Washington Square Park usually becomes one of the centers for the gathering of many communities and visitors. In this location there are many music communities that offer a wide selection of interesting songs. In fact, at some time some of the visitors also recorded all the music in this place. This place can also be one location that offers comfort when gathered with family in a long time.

Maybe play chess in the park

Greenwich Village has a park that is an important location of many chess players. They invite many visitors to study or play in a long time. In addition, the location used like this is also very interesting with the local people who are very friendly. There are several spots that can be a location for learning chess. Usually this location also has several tables and chairs that facilitate the game of chess. Excellent environmental conditions usually give effect to the convenience to play chess in a long time. Local people will provide an understanding of chess with more patient details.

Visiting St. Luke’s Place

Another option of what to do in Greenwich Village is to visit St. Luke’s Place. It is one of the interesting places with a region of impressive buildings. Architecture with the Greek concept becomes part of a different choice to all parts. There are many places and locations that can be visited to get comfort and enjoy the whole building with a better concept. You can visit the entire building with an easily accessible location. In addition, some people also make this building as an impressive photo object. Each of these buildings has a very interesting history. Of course all parts of this building also look very well maintained and integrated with local culture.

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