List of what to pack for Europe

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To travel to Europe will of course require some essential equipment. Usually this equipment will also be used in a long time. In addition, the convenience to travel like this is also a consideration of the conditions and a better itinerary. This can be considered through several options of equipment used. The longer travel and holiday to Europe will usually require more equipment. This condition should not be a very heavy burden by determining some better equipment.

Some lists of what to pack for Europe to use will also be tailored to size. This is to facilitate the use and storage in a longer time. Recommendations from the list that must be brought on the way to Europe consist of:


This is an important part of what to pack for Europe. Of course this equipment will be tailored to all the options and functions desired. A very long time on the way to Europe will require considerable clothes. In addition, some choices of clothes are also tailored to the size and material. This is done to provide ease of use and storage. Some of the clothes used usually consist of Bottoms, Tops, Dresses, Shoes, Underwear, Socks, Jackets and more. All parts of this clothing must also be taken into account as needed. Usually the calculation of clothes used like this will be more.

To travel far enough should consider the quality and quantity of shoes. Of course, these conditions have an effect on all the important parts that will provide comfort. In addition, more shoes will also facilitate travel with different routes. The distance is too far also requires comfort on shoes with better conditions. Each of the additional clothes should have a cleaner condition. Usually these considerations to be used in travel with a longer duration compared with other holidays.

Additional list

Another option of what to pack for Europe will usually be tailored to the purpose of such a journey. Moreover, there is some additional list that should be considered to get a better route. Electronic equipment is usually a part of important things that will be used during the trip with a very long duration. In fact, this condition is used to take all the moment of travel in various formats. Some important parts of electronic equipment used usually consist of laptop, charger, Smartphone, camera, e-reader, headphone, sunglasses, pen, laundry powder and others. All parts of a list like this do become a calculation to use in a very different time.


Usually such equipment is also an important thing of what to pack for Europe. Moreover, there are some parts of toiletries that must be brought under certain conditions with a very long duration. Skin conditions that are quite different from the weather that will affect the journey are also a consideration that should be used to bring some different types of toiletries. Some important parts of toiletries to be brought usually consist of toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, hairbrush, deodorant, perfume, makeup and more. Of course all these toiletries require ideal storage.

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